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Making quality cedar bird feeders since 1984. Made in Canada. Deliver all over North America.

BCH Bird Feeders

  • Handcrafted In Canada
  • Solid Construction
  • Made of Durable Solid Western Cedar
  • Shipped All Over North America
  • Offers Birds Protection From Predators
  • Large Seed Storage Capacity

Top Quality
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BCH Bird Feeders delivers top quality wooden bird feeders all over North America. Established more than 25 years ago, BCH Bird Feeders are made in the tradition of German artisans.

A family run business by a grandfather and grandson duo, every bird feeder is personally assembled and crafted with care. Bringing one of these artisanal pieces to your daily life will provide you hours of bird viewing pleasure from the comfort of your home.

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Bird feeder products

Choose from three sizes of feeders based on the location you’re putting your feeder in.

Wooden bird feeder shop and bird feeder products in Canada USD $190.80
Large - 8 Sided Octagon

Cedar Bird Feeder Gazebo

20" Dia X 18" Tall (16" Dia Base)

  • Aesthetically gorgeous design providing the right accent to your yard. BCH’s most famous wooden bird feeder design.
  • Built with care out of Western Red Cedar to last the worst North American weather
  • Seed container is built out of acrylic and easily removed to fill and clean. Holds 2 litres of bird feed.
Medium Size Wooden Bird Feeder Gazebo - BCH Bird Feeders USD $109.90
Medium - 8 Sided Octagon

Cedar Bird Feeder Gazebo

16″ Dia X 16″ Tall (16" Dia Base)

  • Eye pleasing construction which compliments any backyard. Our most popular design.
  • Crafted by hand with Western Red Cedar to withstand the most brutal climates
  • Can accommodate 1.5 Litres of feed.
Small Wooden Bird Feeder Gazebo - BCH Bird Feeders USD $74.80
Small - 6 Sided Hexagon

Cedar Bird Feeder Gazebo

12″ Dia X 14″ Tall (12" Dia Base)

  • Attractive design enhances any garden setting. Our best wooden bird feeder design ever.
  • Beautifully handcrafted of Western Red cedar to endure even the harshest weather.
  • Holds 1 litre of seed and can even dispense whole peanuts in the shell.
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