5 Ways to Squirrel Proof Your Bird Feeder

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Those freeloading pesky rodents can cost you a pretty penny when having to constantly  refill your bird feeder. Here are some quick tips to keeping those squirrels from bankrupting your bird feeder.

Fill Your Feeder With Foods Squirrels Hate

Birds are less picky eaters than their mooching neighbours. Mix cayenne pepper with your seed mix, the hot spice doesn’t bother birds, but sets squirrels on fire. Switch up sunflower seeds for safflower seeds as squirrels are known to not like them.

Set Up Your Feeder Away From Houses And Trees

Make sure to set your feeder away from any hanging branches or tree trunk. These make for great launch pads onto your feeder. Remember, a squirrel can’t jump more than 5 feet from the ground up, more than 7 feet from a tree or house, and cannot drop more than 9 feet from above.

Run A Slinky Through Your Feeder Pole

Running a slinky through your feeder pole will make it hard for a squirrel to climb up your feeder pole. What walks down stairs in loner and pairs will discourage the most ambitious  furry acrobat.

Wrap Some Aluminum Flashing To Your Feeder Pole

Squirrels seem to not be able to climb aluminum flashing as their claws can’t get a grip on the surface. Wrapping a piece of aluminum flashing around the middle of the pole and watch them slide off. 

Buy A Squirrel Proof Feeder Pole

You can buy specialty poles that are designed to keep squirrels from climbing to your bird feeder. Hardware and gardening stores often carry them, but you can order one from the comfort of your home.

Try these tips and regain your bird feeder to once again enjoy your relaxing bird watching moments.

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