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Masterpieces Made in Canada

BCH bird Feeders was started by Bert Woiczyk wanting to help fellow bird lovers with a Canadian made product they could be proud to have in their yard. Through many designs and models , Bert found these model we have today.

We have been producing these models for many years now covering the world market and receiving thanks you’s from all corners of the globe. Using only the best  BC cedar Bert starts with planning and sanding the lumber with then becomes cut and shaped components. the painstaking assembly then takes over allowing only a few to be made each day. 

Each unit is hand assembled and fitted means you will have a high quality bird feeder that will withstand the elements for years to come. 

Birt is still involved with the process making sure the cedar Bird Feeders meet high standards and will provide much enjoyment to each customer. 

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The Feeder is truly exceptional. The craftmanship is beautiful, the packaging it arrived in is one of the most secure (braced not to move inside) and attractive (full color exterior photos on shipping box), and the overall impression is of a very well made item with every attention to detail. I do not write a lot of reviews, but this really stood out as being from people who care what they are selling. Noting the prior review, I use a plastic funnel with the end cut off to allow for a large opening to fill it, but one can also roll up a newspaper to make a pouring device if needed. Feeder is more impressive than the photo reflects. Very satisfied with purchase..
Mila Kunit
Bird Feeders Made in Canada

Proudly Canadian

All our bird feeders are designed and assembled in Canada. We Have Limited stock​

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