How to find the best wooden bird feeders?

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Are you looking for a unique, handcrafted, made in Canada wooden bird feeder to add to your garden landscape?

Then you’ve come to the right place. We have Quality wooden bird feeders which are handcrafted by expert wood craftsmen.We have 3 sizes of wooden bird feeders which can enhance your bird-watching experience from the comfort of your home. Our cedar gazebo bird house kit is available in three sizes: 8-sided Octagon ( 2 sizes available) and 6-sided Hexagon style. We also have accessories that can be used for hanging the bird feeder.

Our wooden bird feeders are simple to use. Just remove the wooden knob on top and load bird seed into the tube of our wooden bird feeder. That’s it! It is time to welcome all the different species of birds to your backyard!

Bring your favorite birds to your garden with our wonderfully designed wooden bird feeders. Our bird feeders are eye-catching and beautiful. These delightful bird feeders can be mounted and hung with accessories available on our website. Each bird feeder is lovingly handcrafted from solid cedar wood by an experienced woodworker in Langley, British Columbia, Canada.

All our wooden bird feeders are of high quality so you can expect years and years of enjoyment from each of these beautiful birds without worrying about anything. We built them keeping in mind year-round exposure to the outdoors so we use quality wood, aluminum hardware, construction-grade exterior screws and sealed with exclusive color exterior-grade paints.

Our top end professional series of wooden bird feeders set the standard for all other bird feeders. Built with high quality red cedar wood,Our wooden bird feeders come with a strong hold of aluminium wire and large size of seed pipe to attract more birds to your backyard.

One side of the lid opens on hinges for easy cleaning and filling.

A wooden bird feeder can attract beautiful birds to your yard all year round. You can do a noble cause by feeding local birds that can benefit them by providing supplemental nutrients during migration seasons.It can also help them to reduce stress during breeding seasons and also help feed the young after they’re born.

So our wooden bird feeders not only bring joy with birds but also help you to contribute to nature without even stepping out of your home.

You can check the collection of our Wooden bird feeders View Our Bird feeder Products.

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