Wooden bird feeder products from BCH Bird Feeders in Bethesda, Maryland .

Within the method of artisanal carpentry, BCH wooden bird feeders are crafted using a distinctive design and BC western cedar. Now purchasable near Bethesda, Maryland !

Some of our top selling bird feeder products are Large Size Bird Feeder, Medium Size Bird Feeder and Small Size Bird Feeder

We sell well built wooden bird feeder products in Bethesda, Maryland and nearby cities like;

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From the comfort of your living room or your backyard, you can observe your local bird species flock to your feeder.

Made of real western cedar, these wooden bird feeders can bear any intense weather. Built to last, yet aesthetically pleasing. These wooden bird feeders are a perfect addition to any backyard paradise.

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Bird feeder products

Wooden bird feeder shop and bird feeder products in Canada USD $190.80
Large - 8 Sided Octagon

Cedar Bird Feeder Gazebo

20" Dia X 18" Tall (16" Dia Base)

  • Expedited mailing orders to cities in approximation to Bethesda and prefabricated.
  • Feeder Holds 2 L seeds and nuts, Handcrafted, and built to repel water.
Medium Size Wooden Bird Feeder Gazebo - BCH Bird Feeders USD $109.90
Medium - 8 Sided Octagon

Cedar Bird Feeder Gazebo

16″ Dia X 16″ Tall (16" Dia Base)

  • Easily shipped to cities close to Bethesda and pre-made.
  • Feeding tube holds 1.5 L feed, artisanal design, and is made to repel water.
Small Wooden Bird Feeder Gazebo - BCH Bird Feeders USD $74.80
Small - 6 Sided Hexagon

Cedar Bird Feeder Gazebo

12″ Dia X 14″ Tall (12" Dia Base)

  • Easily shipped to cities in approximation to Bethesda and pre assembled.
  • Feeder Holds 1 L Birdfeed, handcrafted, and pre-treated to repel water.
Wooden bird feeder shop and bird feeder products
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BCH bird feeders

I have been looking for a cedar bird feeder like this for a long time. When I found it for such an inexpensive price I could not pass it up. I placed it on a pole outside my kitchen window and can watch the birds feeding at all times of the day. I love it, and the birds love it!

Lorna Lombardi - St. Charles, MO, USA

This cedar bird feeder is so well built!! The birds love to eat from it, especially because it offers them a shelter when it is raining. It is very substantial and I have two of them now. I will be buying more because they are the best built bird feeder I have ever seen!

Happy Apannie

This product is well made and a beautiful addition to our yard. I would consider getting another one for the other side of our property. Delivery was much faster than anticipated and it came with a very nice note from the manufacturer.

P. Falle

Awesome service, item arrived on 12-11-2020. Any questions I had were answered right away by the seller. He put a note in with the order, that if there was any problems just to notify him. The Gazebo bird feeder was beautiful, craftsmanship was excellent, I know my sister will love it.

Carolyn Barker

The design is beautiful. The wood is solid and finished to last. It is easy to remove the floor door to clean. This is solid craftmanship. It was well packaged and protected and arrived a bit early. Glad to have it. Proud to display it.

Freya Dery

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